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Theme song, music festival, celebrity spokesperson?Hotel brands make music is serious!

Date: 2018-08-17

Interesting hotel design is impressive, but also for every check-in fond memories of you.In fact, the hotel's music also needs to be designed.Today, the hotel in order to make their own brand image more unique and bright, fluctuation full time is in music.Frequently sparks between hotel and music, the wonderful chemical reaction.Their relationship is no longer a mere "hotel use of music", is passed to the guest more another hotel lifestyle and attitude towards life.
Music into the brand

Do music festival for the hotel may be a new thing, but familiar with marriott international group W hotel brands, the move did not surprising.In numerous brands, W as a personalized youth, always play a role of leading the fashion.In terms of music, W again and again to lead the way to the hotel and the fusion of music, become a hotel brand with the success of the music pioneer.

In June, W announced globally start project "wake up" music festival.W will be bold to abandon traditional festival, break the inherent experience brought by the grass mire, instead, the outdoor poolside trendy relaxed music event, will shift to the scenic venues near the sea, really "wake up" the good life."The magic of music is she can break the bondage of geographical and language, become the common language of global guests.Since the founding of W knows this, always sees music as the core of the brand elements of passion."W global brand leader, Anthony Ingham says. "this year, W hotel will in several cities on the tour of this festival series, building scale and atmosphere more music party.Los Angeles, Hollywood W hotel will lead 'wake up' festival.After that, the festival will get to the hotel is located in the charming coastline Barcelona W, then in the isolation of Bali W wonderful ending."

Eyes let us be moved to the Asia Pacific, W hotel cross-border joint Mixcloud launched "new forces" future music platform, goa, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, take turns, bring music "drama".Marriott international group vice President of luxury brands in the asia-pacific region Bruce Ryde said, "the project is a W hotel and provide audience and musicians with zero distance communication platform Mixcloud extension of long-term cooperation, uphold the W brand power global guests constantly excavate the mission of the global tide pioneer music game for emerging artists and creative talents of stage".On July 28, MSC in Shanghai bund W hotel site, BBC presenter Benji B to hip hop sing for people in China out of Phoenix jointly produce the exclusive dual-track mini album and documentaries, celebrate the end of the series of activities, two pioneer musician in an exclusive dialogue link to share with guests the anecdotes of behind the scenes.Since the start of the bund W hotel has become popular with musicians melody landmark.During its premiere party, young rapper VAVA singing live W as inspiration singles "Happy Everyday" reporter remember well.