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Chinese hotel reservation Holiday travel around to swim into a trend

Date: 2018-08-17

Along with another "" valentine's day - Tanabata arrived, travel booking also ushered in the new small peak.As an important festival to express love, racking my brains how to arrange a satisfying trip, but also the first norm of many lovers and couples.Along with the rapid development of tourism activities in the past two years, the increase in tourism consumption frequency, the upgrading of consumption to drive and so on, choose to travel during the holiday season is also more and more consumers.

Donkey mother travel network, according to data from the Chinese book compared Chinese hotel bookings rose 29% from a year earlier this year, especially the Chinese valentine's day that day, peaked orders.Way cattle travel network monitoring data also showed that the reservation of the hotel on August 17, the Tanabata day order quantity increased sharply compared with the usual, a lot of popular hotel in short supply, so far, the high star hotel bookings accounted for as high as 53%, as the Chinese valentine's day approaches, the ratio will further enhance.

Compared to choose to travel, swim around Chinese valentine's day more popular with consumers.According to the hornet's nest travel network "qixi festival tourism series list" released by the surrounding heat on the eve of this year the Tanabata, appeared more significantly increases.Go to the beach near the city, grassland watching the sunrise, watch the stars, an increasingly young people think the most romantic way to travel.Such as FengNing bashang grassland near Beijing, nearly a month since the heat grew by 235%, beidaihe heat has risen up to 98%.

"A line selection in the local and surrounding urban residents or the number of outbound holiday proportion is relatively high, especially white-collar workers, because the job is busy, holidays, Chinese valentine's day spent more locally, or false travel."Hornet's nest data research center for YuTao Ma Yutao analysis said.

And from the point of consumption crowd, after 80, 80 after the absolute main force is Chinese consumption.Released by way of cattle, "2018 Chinese tourism consumption trend prediction", according to Chinese valentine's day this year of tourism consumption groups, 80 people accounted for 41%, after 90 people accounted for nearly 29% after the group.Compared with previous years, at ordinary times is not a main tourism consumption after 95 at this year's festival group phase of the tourism product booking people showed a trend of rapid rise in consumption.