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Date: 2018-08-16

The annual Chinese valentine's day is coming, booking hotel holiday naturally becomes a popular choice of lovers, festival for hotel bookings a rapidly rising., according to the Chinese valentine's day this year compared to the hotel bookings rose 29% from a year earlier, especially the Chinese valentine's day that day, peaked orders.

Due to this year's Chinese valentine's day comes on Friday, many couples will gather together into a small vacation over the weekend, sanya, Qingdao, guilin and other popular tourist city hotel reservation, hot hot spots around most of the high star hotel there has been a full house.At the same time, the short road is quite popular, huzhou, changzhou in east China, south China region, zhuhai, huizhou and other surrounding love resort destination.

High star popular theme hotel

From the point of data, Shanghai, Qingdao, Beijing, sanya, hangzhou, suzhou, wuxi, guangzhou, guilin, shenzhen become Chinese hotel reservation 10 most popular cities, and concentration first-tier cities and popular tourist city.

Many areas hotel seize business opportunities, in view of the Chinese valentine's day, couples round also specially introduced a bed room, the love theme rooms, honeymoon room features such as accommodation.Couples package, candlelight dinners and other holiday qualified products is becoming a hot spot of users browse and book, bookings year-on-year increase significantly.From the point of the choice of consumers booking hotel, star hotel dominant proportion is as high as 60%, characteristic hotel also demand.

After 80 to return to the main consumption

From consumer groups, the Chinese valentine's day this year, because it is, the start of the summer vacation has not yet become a backbone hotel reservation after 80, contributed nearly 50% of all transactions.Many young parents are happy to put originally belonged to the "two people" world "valentine's day, upgraded to" three world ", "four of the world", a sharing of family happiness.In recent years, however, in general, young people have to young period of development trend of booking hotel, proportion rapid growth after 95, especially students main group is rapidly becoming the Tanabata booking.

Choose our hotel, 80 after I prefer business circle and the area around the hotel.And after 95 are more diversified, RMB of primary, secondary and anime theme hotel is more preferred.At the same time, they also can from price, rating, atmosphere, interest and so on multi-dimensional look for more suitable for their own, more distinctive hotel.