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Good bathrobe even couldn't help arrange pop star!What is the secret hotel bathrobe?

Date: 2018-08-12

Sleep in a luxury hotel always feel without a shampoo, shower gel, slippers, soap or something, seems to be white.But true warriors are those who dare to bathrobe directly into the trunk, and then the noodles don't change color of the heart not jump out of the hotel.

Those who are more "all" to expose the hotel window, a huge bathtub and five-star hotel LOGO, carelessly happens "I thought" and "look".The goddess of the countless people Marilyn Monroe's bathrobe maniac.The beach, long island, in 1949, this group of photographs taken Monroe wearing a bathrobe to how many boys and girls.

Hilton, marriott supply bathrobe, vice President, said: "now the guests wearing a bathrobe, both different and sexy."In one 5 of the residents, said Hilton Hotel favorite part was wearing hotel bathrobe wandering.Hang out to stroll, bathrobe is certainly not taking.But take a look at the star can resist the urge to take bathrobe, can be done today.