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Timeshare hotel accommodation can be a good business?

Date: 2018-08-11

In the "new retail concept" power in 2018, everything can be "zero", the time is no exception.Concept of the hotel, this is the hour room with the idea of time sharing accommodation, this one is similar to the hour room, but more take the initiative to the guest accommodation.
Some people say that since the OTA and sales will have a hotel reservation IT completely flat Taiwan side, also has a complete sales channel laid, change of hotel room sales model may be a new growth point of change.To be specific, the patterns of timeshare hotel hotel room will be a major breakthrough of the change.And it can be a good business?Still need to linger over.
1. What is the time sharing accommodation

Traditional hotel sales model, based on fixed full-time home access to the customer sales.In general, are then check-in, check-out day 12:00.Many consumer scenario, customers for the hotel consumption demand "hard" is only a certain period of time.Traditional full-time hotel sales mode cannot meet the needs of customers.For offline hotel, will be 24 hour access pack sell houses, often cause rear cubicle accumulation, the vacancy rate increase.

And a timeshare hotel room accommodation can satisfy consumers more for one time use hotel room.If according to the traditional model, consumers in the hotel for the time all day, which may have 16 hours is invalid, the user will undoubtedly add to the unnecessary spending.By time sharing accommodation, after the guest check in hotel, by the hour, if less than a day, the remaining time will no longer reset, can be used the next settlement.

And for offline hotel, full-time sales mode will cause a higher proportion of housing vacancy rate.By time sharing accommodation mode, the user can according to their wishes, purchase period of actual demand.For example, the night before 9 a.m. to 9 o 'clock the next morning, and for the rest of the hotel can sell again, used for other consumption scenarios.Consumers get more affordable and accurate product consumer experience, offline hotels will have a more flexible control room vacant position, increase the rate of room rent out.

Can say, from full-time room sales model refinement to timeshare sales model, represents the living travel demand from the traditional to the fragments of illicit close space requirements during the transition.

2, are emerging

In fact, time-sharing mode in foreign countries is not new to lodge in.Recharge, Dayuse and Hotelsbyday start-up companies in the United States launched a short-term rental business hotel.Among them, the Recharge in April this year also won the airline JetBlue an investment.Is the accommodation pattern but points are rare in China, but also has been sadly arisen.

"Refers to the chongqing business circle" platform combined multiple hotels launched accommodation mode is a kind of more scientific than traditional accommodation and a fairer way.Will be effected according to the day as the unit calculation model in upgraded to a paid by the hour as the unit in time-sharing mode, consumers to purchase a certain time after be being entered, the rest of the time will be accumulated, not use up is not reset, continue to use the next time.If the guest at 10 o 'clock in the evening, the second day early in the morning at 8 o 'clock check-out, 14 hours you can keep the rest the next consumer use, will greatly save the cost of the consumers.

In yichang, and it is the hotel to the pattern.Time-sharing check-in can scan code to handle already, also can be dealt with through SMS directly, there will be a dynamic countdown, display start check-in time and automatic check-out from stores such as button, on the other hand, there is the "current room minimum X hours".

In addition to the hotel, some platforms are also trying to piece of the pie.A group called "sleep" is a platform for your reservation of billing by the minute, the user can through the APP booking hotel, near billing and according to the actual check in time according to the minutes.In 2017, the platform has been in more than 80 hotels, room number more than 4000 rooms.

3. The hotel will have what kind of benefits

Time-sharing accommodation to the hotel, ask a guest to stay in or on the control of the vacancy rate is good.

Had a fight the OTA style

From offline merging of hotel resources, the PMS (Property Management System, the hotel Management System) data service resources, regional exclusive offline promotion of jagged, seemingly large online hotel reservation in the market, actually has been divided the titans.

With OTA love killed, hotel on OTA no profit, not on OTA no customers.The hotel industry has been kidnapped by OTA platform, deliver high commissions at the same time also bears the long terms.Hotel from traditional service industry was changed into commodity circulation, OTA platform differentiation become homogeneity.

OTA is "traffic patterns" guide to guest loyalty to web site only, no loyalty to the hotel itself, even if meets the loyalty of hotel guests, he will also go to OTA order or pay the price of OTA to the stores only.

The time-sharing hotel is based on the "stock" model, by implementing the business electronically store, to help the hotel to build their own customer system and marketing channels, improve hotel after living rate, increase the cost of customer give up, let customers naturally again back to the hotel, let the hotel especially independent hotels have independence and big platform competition ability.

Promote the competitiveness of the hotel

The price of the room, the same star hotel, with regional basic same price range;Room decoration hardware equipment, bed, pillow, electrical appliances, almost all hotel room hardware is roughly homogeneity;Location advantage, with lots of competition between the hotel and there is no advantage.Homogeneity of the hotel environment, time-sharing accommodation in charge to provide differentiated competitive mode and the service level.

Facilitate hotel room vacancy rate control

Guests check-in check-out by means of online booking, convenient hotel for the first time to determine the vacant rooms have empty time, will be able to arrange repair as soon as possible, let the guest room accommodation frequency high-speed flow.